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Caught in the Web

Like the majority of web users, I have spent my fair share of time getting caught in the web. I have spent time running down back alley urls only to find myself so far from where I started, that I had no idea how to get back. Generally, these searches resulted in me ending up with the content that I was seeking; I just had to travel in ten different directions to get it.
This week was the first week that I worked with “social book marking� tools. The book marking utility that we are using, Del.icio.us, is quite an impressive tool. In my opinion, its one of those things that you stumble upon (no website pun intended) and ask yourself, “Why didn’t anybody think of this sooner?�
Being able to source quality information from essentially a limitless amount of users will be very bitter sweet. Arguably, with social book marking, the user chooses the quality of information that they list. So you might still find yourself with a few bumps in your research road, but, for the most part, the information should be good.
Along the same lines as social book marking, “Ideagoras� as described by Wikinomics, are “Marketplaces for ideas, innovations, and uniquely qualified minds.� (Wikinomics, 2006, p.97) InnoCentive is one of the ideagoras mentioned in the book. This idea mill now offers solutions to an estimated “thirty-five Fortune 500 companies.� (Wikinomics, 2006, p.98)
I’m not quite sure how I feel about these ideagoras. The major benefits are obvious. The question becomes, what makes you stand out to a company. If they can get your services from places like InnoCentive, InnovationXchange Network, YourEncore, and others, is there justification for spending $1.5 billion on internal R&D, such as Procter & Gamble did in the late 1990s? (Wikinomics, 2006, p. 103) Where else would these kinds of funds come from? If it is a multiple company investment, which companies get the rights to the patents? Who gets to work on the project? How are they chosen? With global collaboration, where is the R&D conducted? I could go on listing questions. These all spiral from the original ideagoras. My main curiosity will be how the industry chooses to manage the work done with ideagoras and the intellectual property rights. Since this is so new, there are still a lot of pieces that need to get sorted out. Only time will tell how the pieces fall into place.


I can see the usefulness in bookmarking, but I can see how it can get out of hand. I would like to see more integration of these bookmarks, search engines, and general UI. The problem I am finding with delicious is that it is still based on the web browser technology and thusly based on the speed of the websites being accessed. I found this issue in my attempt to procure information from KARE11 website. Even on my dedicated cable line of 8Mbps bandwidth, the KARE11 website would take nearly 10 minutes to load a simple search EVERYTIME a search is issued. So, long story short, I would like to see some revamping of the overall systems and more integration between systems.