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Could this be Web 3.0?

Someone shared this video at a gathering of designers I attended last week. Being more of a right-brained sort of person, I really enjoyed it. Whether you're right-brained or not, however, it is poetically and politically thought-provoking about where the Internet could go:



Hello Sara, thanks for posting this. I enjoyed viewing it. I have never heard of Rives before but he kept me engaged. I cannot believe he mentioned his body part--you know--that only males have (lol)! Anyways, if I controlled the internet, I would make spam non-existent and make it impossible for hackers to do hacker-work. Those are two of the many things I would do if I controlled the internet. Oh and Sara, I had to refresh myself on right-brain vs. left-brain. I cannot believe I forgot, but I remember now! Thanks again for the post!