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MPR wants info on bridge collapse

Public input re: 35W bridge on Gather.com
In doing my research of MPR's content re: 35W bridge collapse, I came across a posting soliciting Web resources on the subject from the public. It's dated from August 2 last fall but maybe we could link up our Wiki anyways... The author, Julia Schrenkler, is the interactive producer for mpr and has regular posts on gather.com, an interactive discussion/commentary/social networking site associated with MPR/APR.


There's another MPR project called Public Insight Journalism that solicits story leads, information and resources from the general public that we may want to contact too.



Hello Sara, thanks for the FYI. I went to both the websites you posted. For the gather.com website, once our site is up and running, we could post the link to our site. That's a way to get traffic to our site! Regarding the Public Insight Journalism website, becoming a public source is a good way to connect with the media. I understand that they will send up to one e-mail a month asking for insight on issues they plan to cover. I think this is a good way for individuals to get involved if any one wants to get more involved as an individual. Thanks for posting!