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Perfecting my Practicing

Setting up Facebook, Twitter, my information on our moodle forum...what a week! I still feel a little lost, even with the crazy amount of time I have spent on these things. So, Twitter is used for "ambient intimacy" (Zelenka, 2008, p147), Facebook is used for networking (Zelenka, 2008, p149), our classes blog page is used for providing information we have learned from the work we did the previous week, I am not quite sure what the moodle forum is used for, where can it all come together? Do we have to have all of these tabs up so we don't miss anything? The answer, I am finding out, is yes. Even though Twitter will feed to your Facebook page, it is not "real time" so having the Twitter page up in a separate tab is necessary. I am curious as to where it ends. Will there come a day when we have one homepage where all of these things can be displayed? Kind of like our own web page with our moodle, Twitter, blog, and Facebook displayed for only those we allow to see. If I am understanding this weeks reading in "Wikinomics" correctly, a mashup may accomplish this. The stories of housingmaps (Tapscott & Williams, 2006, p183), and PeopleFinder (Tapscott & Williams, 2006, pp185-187) explains how "mashing" together existing platforms can create a website that is what you want it to be.
Before I can go even deeper into this conversation, I needed to look up what a platform was. according to The American Heritage Dictionary (2008) it is "the basic technology of a computer system's hardware and software that defines how a computer is operated and determines what other kinds of software can be used". Supposing Twitter, Facebook, a blog page, and a forum page are all platforms, or on another platform, can it be possible to incorporate all of these things onto one page, set up specifically for the user? And then add del.icio.us and Flickr at a later date? Only time will tell, as I said above I am perfecting my practicing.

Thanks ever so much to David, I have now learned RSS feeds. I set up a feed for our blog and our twitter onto my Facebook page. I guess we could consider Facebook as our platform and twitter and our blog as added platforms? In any case, I am no techno geek, that is for sure, so learning how all of these applications can be used is daunting and exciting. Thanks, David!