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The New Economics of Work

While “the days of lifelong employment and pensions are already long gone? (Wikinomics, p.265) that doesn’t mean that one cannot still yearn a day similar to those long gone. The work place is quickly changing and quickly. It still disturbs me when I consider that the Internet as a public place only came into being in the late 1980s to early 1990s. The Internet has changed the world in a very short time putting me into that group of people mentioned by Tapscott and Williams that has to learn how to work with all these new types of web technology. This fact seems odd even to me, considering how technological my life has been since my first experiences with the Apple IIe and Dos. However, computer literacy and experience has little to do with Internet literacy and experience, which is the type of experience that seems to be necessary in these new work environments. Although slowing down the changes in the work environment will probably never be accomplished even if a majority of people wanted it to happen. The work environment is attempting to change in time with the newest technology and is leaving people behind faster and faster. “The shift from cottage industries to the factory system unfolded over the better part of a century. The transition from industrial factories to today’s high-tech office environments took at least a few decades.? (Wikinomics, p.266), and today the transitions are happening even faster, forcing new levels of adaptation upon those of us trying to live in this accelerating environment.


Hello Anthony, what you started your entry with really got me thinking: "While 'the days of lifelong employment and pensions are already long gone' (Wikinomics, p.265)" I've worked at many places including both corporate settings and as an independent contractor. I guess there are advantages to either types of work. With corporate settings, the benefits are a huge plus. With independent contracting, the flexibility is a plus. Sometimes it worries me that we are moving away from lifelong employment and pensions (corporate setting) because it's like having a retirment safety net. Nevertheless, I am flexible. Thanks for your post!