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WIKI WIKI WIKI *music to your ears*

When I think of the word Wiki, I think of Wikipedia. Wanna know what else I think of? I think of DJ's spinning records so the sound that comes out is "wiki, wiki, wiki". I thought I'd share my thoughts and hopefully that brought music to your ears. : ) Moreover, Wiki may bring music to anyone's ears. In the reading What is a Wiki , a Wiki is defined as "A wiki is a website where users can add, remove, and edit every page using a web browser. (Stafford & Webb, 2006, p. 1)" It's collaborative and many people are involved. That's like music. It takes not only the melody but the harmony . . . singers and instrumentalists (unless it's a capella [without instrumental accompaniment]). It all comes together to form one piece. I'm not just talking about music, I'm also talking about wiki's. . . All of us in the class are working on a particular area, and we will come together to form one amazing website. If we get it right (and all the areas flow well together), we'll come up with something audible. However, if we get it wrong (and the areas seem mismatched to one another), we'll come up with a scratched record. Try spinning a scratched record. I don't think it would sound like a crisp "wiki, wiki, wiki".

What else was music to my ears when reading this week? From the beginning, I loved reading Chapter 9 of Wikinomics. I was immediately hooked because it mentioned the University of Minnesota and Geek Squad and Best Buy. There are a lot of organizations/companies/institutions mentioned in the book; however, there are millions in this world, and Tapscott & Williams chose to mention those. I love it when I hear about anything that I have ties to. I go to the University of Minnesota! My sister's friends were part of the early team members of Geek Squad! I used to work right by Best Buy Corporate! When I was younger, my family used to take trips to Best Buy for fun! Okay, that was kind of geeky for me to say, but as stated, "[Geek Squad] was acquired by consumer electronics giant Best Buy (Tapscott & Williams, 2006, p. 240)". So, if Best Buy acquired something with the word Geek in it, I think it's all right that I say geeky things every once in a while. :) Besides, those trips were actually very productive--we would get a lot of stuff done there while having fun of course.

In all of this, I think we should remember to have fun. Sometimes having fun is forgotten. Fun should be incorporated in everything we do because I think it makes situations more bearable. We should work hard and play hard/have fun. Think of music. Music is generally fun. Yes, there are some sad songs like "why did s/he break up with me" or "my life is such a mess" or "everything sucks"; however, bringing music into the situation lightens the setting. For example, establishments like bars/clubs/mall retail stores play music. Sometimes when I have a ton of work, I turn music on and get going. Working out at a health club? Look around and you'll see people listening to their iPods/MP3's. Music is fun. Let's have fun. Let our Wiki site be music to our ears!


I'm on board with fun! I think taking this class is fun. It makes me feel hip even if I'm not. And speaking of geeks, now maybe I can actually talk to some. I can drop names like Digg, Slashdot, and Kuro5hin and appear to know what I'm talking about. And I can actually explain what a wiki is! Better yet, I can say I collaborated on creating one by the time this class is done. If that doesn't make me cool, nothing will.