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Wellllllllll...this week I learned what a wikiword is. I had to look it up - after reading the Stafford and Webb article. The readings for this week were very functional, I thought - really cementing in what it is we are doing and working with, for those of us who have never used a wiki before (or blogged before, for that matter). I was happy to see that we are following the suggested protocol from Stafford and Webb including locked off access and self contained sub-topics (p. 2)- it seems we are off to a positive start with our wiki. Some of the technical terms in the article were not explained very thoroughly for those of us who haven't done this stuff before - which was confusing considering their article was a how-to (ie what is a WikiWord I asked???)

I'm really looking forward to the 'doing' part of the project now - not just planning and sharing and learning about the new technology out there. The topic I've claimed is quite interesting to me and I hope we can all learn a bit about the history of bridges in our country via the info I gather. Hisotry is always so interesting because of our tendency to ignore/not be aware of what is around us. We'll see what is out there - I'm afraid it will be stories of bridge collapses that had the same structural malfunction that the 35W bridge did...not that 'we' would get around to checking for the same faults that caused collapses in other places. We'll see. I'm ready to get my hands dirty and hope you all are too. It looks like we have success ahead of us!