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Is Paul Douglas in our class?

I was reading CJ's column in the StarTrib and saw this quote by Paul Douglas, newly unemployed meterologist:

"In a few years we'll look back and laugh at what we were watching, how we were communicating, how we got business done, how we received news, weather, sports. There is a tidal wave sea-change coming, a true information revolution that will transform the way we communicate and surf for news that matters in our lives. I'm looking forward to being a part of this Next Big Thing. The timing is nearly perfect. I'm sticking around, and with a little luck and serendipity Minnesotans will be hearing back from me again soon, wearing a few different hats, trying something new, and hopefully, in a way, better."

I think he's been reading some of the same books as us.



Hi Michelle! It is such a coincidence that you posted this article because I read the article earlier today. When I was reading it earlier, I was thinking, "Oooh, he's really tech-oriented." I think I read somewhere a few days ago that he had his own wireless weather company or something of that nature. Paul Douglas--the next Bill Gates? We'll see what happens! Thanks for your post!

I think you're right. He's been drinking the same Kool-Aid.