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This class: what worked, what didn't

What’s worked
• What’s worked tremendously well is what I’ve learned:
–I have a pretty good, ready definition of what Web 2.0 is. I have a good understanding of the impact of Web 2.0 technology on the business, economics, culture, publishing—especially self-publishing, creativity, employment, globalization, communication, entertainment, journalism.
–I have a pretty good sense of the impact of Web 2.0 technology on me. I know about and use Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, The UpTake, a blog, online chats, a wiki. I contributed to a site for creating and sharing timelines. And, I understand how the second generation of Web technology will probably impact my profession or at least the way I practice it.
–I learned how to embed photos and videos.
–I know why our traditional concept of order is changing. The new order of order is miscellaneous. The order of messy miscellanea brings us better ways to organize information.
I learned some things about information architecture.

• I’ve acquired knowledge and a new interest in citizen journalism. And I’ve learned about great new sources for news online.
• I’ve realized the satisfaction of self-publishing, possibilities for new creative outlets and new ways to meet people.
• I’ve taught other people some things about Web 2.0 technology.
• I’ve also learned to approach writing with far less trepidation than before.

What didn't work
• I haven’t maintained a good balance (forget about blend!) between my personal life, work and classwork. I’ve devoted all my extra time to the class because it’s fascinating and I’m an insufferable perfectionist. My family and friends are mad at me and my eyesight is blurry!
• The readings about information architecture were interesting but we weren’t able to apply them to the wiki given its limited capabilities.
• From the perspective a graphic designer, the limited design capabilities of the wiki were frustrating. I’m used to being to control all the elements on a page and I couldn’t do that in our wiki. And I spent a lot of time trying to fix formatting only to find that it changed every time I opened the page. I finally gave up and had to leave gaps that I couldn’t find any way to fix.
• I spent a lot of time alone.

What will I take away
• My new-found interest in citizen journalism. I’d like to try it.
• I want to get more involved in social networking. I haven’t explored Facebook enough to see if it’s really for me. So I’ll explore it more. I'm also a member of Linked-In. I’ve never taken advantage of that network and perhaps it will suit my interests more then Facebook.
• I want to set up an RSS feed to my favorite new online news sources.
• I plan to contact a group at the U about setting up a wiki for its tiger preservation project.
• I am newly brave about digital technology. I’m willing to try new things all the time now.
• During the course of this class, I’ve acquired a cell phone (my first) and a laptop (my first computer). Now it’s just a matter of getting wireless service. I’ve become a member of the 21st century!
• I’m taking a class in Web design this summer. I’m hoping it will be my entrée into the world of Web work.



I shared many of your opinions on what worked and didn't worked. Ironically, I am also a perfectionist and found that this class actually stressed my work-life balance rather then helping it! It was hard to find adequate time for school and my job let alone any personal time. But overall I am glad I took it. This class brought me some really great perspectives that I can use at my current job. I also thought that all of our exposure to all sorts of new programs (Twitter, del.icio.us, etc) really forced me to jump in head first and expand my perspectives. I think this class was an adventure in ways most other courses are not. It was great working with you and hopefully you will find uses for all of your new knowledge!