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What Works When Work Takes Time

What has worked

These past 15 weeks have not been easy with my schedule, however the flexibility of an online class is priceless. I was able to prioritize better due to discipline. I had so many things to juggle and I knew they would never get done unless I prioritized, and this class really made me do just that.

I also really enjoyed learning more about wiki's and all the components, time, and collaboration it takes to build them.

I was also very familiar with usability, but in this class it gave me the opportunity to create something and actually see what people like/dislike, can perform/can't perform, and how user friendly the interface was.

What hasn't worked

In the beginning I didn't quite exactly focus my attentions on trying to find a topic that I could really dig into, and I got stuck trying to look for information that could easily have been covered by one person and not two. Because I felt that I didn't have enough sources for information on my topic I ended up having to cluster myself to other pages and ideas which made it very difficult to keep organized.

I am usually a very independent thinker and am not usually a good advocate when it comes to working in groups but I was able to branch out with my own ideas eventually, but a lot of time and effort was wasted on looking for environmental information that just was not there in excess.

I also think that the deadlines were sometimes confusing this semester, and that it would have been easier to only have one deadline and let everything be due on Sunday by midnight.

All in all, I have had an excellent experience with this class and I would definitely recommend it to another student who is interested in web development and the emergence of open source collaboration.


Hello Hilary, wow--your heading is kind of a tongue twister--love it! Like you, "These past 15 weeks have not been easy with my schedule, however the flexibility of an online class is priceless." I too am a super busy person. I work full-time, have another part-time job, work as an independent contractor when available, take class(es), volunteer, serve on board(s)/commission(s), and whatever else I do to fill up my free time with. I remember when I participated in your Usability Testing for one of your other classes on April 1, I got to hear about your 'crazy busy' schedule. I'm saying it loud and proud, "We both did it so good job to both of us!" Speaking of your Usability Testing for one of your other classes--being a tester for yours totally helped me to do my Usability Testing for this class wiki site. It seriously was a big help and was priceless. Big thanks to you!