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Work, Personal, and the Whole Sha-bang

Wow, 15-16 weeks of learning . . . learning A LOT! The class could probably agree with me that we learned a ton of information. The information that we learned regarding web work will not only help us in our academic lives but also in our work and personal lives, hence the whole sha-bang!

Chapter 10 of Connect! discusses blending your work and personal life. We discussed this topic at the beginning of the semester, and probably the first time that I realized the importance of this topic was during the class chat with Jenny S. I remember we chatted about mixing 'personal' into work and how she mentioned using social apps frequently (not just in her spare time but anytime including work time). Thus, this statement is quite true: "The web makes work-life balance harder and easier. . . . harder because you can stay connected to your work no matter . . . easier for those same reasons. You don't have to work nine to five . . ." (Zelenka & Sohn, 2008, p. 257)

I don't really read self-help/motivational books. However, I felt as if reading Chapter 10 was like reading a self-help/motivational book due to descriptions like "work-life smoothie" (Zelenka & Sohn, 2008, p. 257, 258-264) and "work-life medicine" (Zelenka & Sohn, 2008, p. 258, 272-277). In addition, the phrase "When life gets lumpy" (Zelenka & Sohn, 2008, p. 257, 264-267) sounds to me as if it could be part of a motivational poem. It reminded me of the beginning of a poem by an unknown author which goes like . . . "When things go wrong as they sometimes will; When the road you're trudging seems all uphill; etc etc." Take that phrase in Chapter 10 . . . "When life gets lumpy as it sometimes will; etc etc." Furthermore, "Your web of connection and support" (Zelenka & Sohn, 2008, p. 257-258, 268-271) sounds very self-helpish and motivational with the words support and connection. It was good for us to read Connect!'s Chapter 10. It was like fuel to our brain. It was useful sending-off material. It was a good way to take us beyond the class. I will take these words to heart: "With web work, you define your work-life balance and blend individually and authentically. Ultimately, you are the one who decides and creates the right mix of work and life for yourself." (Zelenka & Sohn, 2008, p. 258) So, it's up to me!

At my work/job, work is strictly work. I do other work like classwork outside of my job. When I'm doing classwork, I'll not only have applications pertaining to class up on my computer. Sometimes I'll have facebook in another tab. A lot of times I'll have music streaming or play a YouTube video just so I have music in the background to help me work. All of this enhances my classwork experience and helps me get through it. I had mentioned in the previous paragraph about having it be up to me on deciding my work-life balance. I chose to learn as much as I could in this class, and I chose to be as active as I could. At the beginning, I was kind of--what's the word I'm looking for--unsure because I was not a computer guru and I had a lot of learning to do. I hope I did well. What helped were the different applications introduced to us like facebook and twitter. The weekly blog postings helped us share with the class about our thoughts and also a way to get to know each other. I would have been all up with meeting classmates in person if there were in-person session opportunities (such as the end of the year Stub & Herb's get together). Sorry I couldn't make it. So, we are at the end of the semester. It doesn't stop here though. There's a lot more to learn. I will use what I learned in this class and apply it to my other classes and in my personal life. This class also helped with personal, which is important. I have reconnected with old, long-lost friends on facebook. Now, that's something that I am super grateful for. All in all, I am grateful for taking this class. The knowledge that I have gained was such a great amount. It's been real folks! . . . or as one may say in the web world: it's been virtual folks! Okay, that was kind of dorky, but whatever. Seriously though, I am really glad I took this class. Thank you all for everything!


I agree with you and am really glad I took this class as well. I did want to take a minute and comment on your statement about work-time being strictly for work. i was just wondering if this was a rule imposed in your office or just your own policy. I tend to stray from work projects a little while I am in the office but I really think this increases my productivity. Like you, I enjoy having music on in the background when I'm working on homework. However, I've also found music to be a natural stress reliever when I'm in the office in the midst of a big project. Do you see your job and life forming a similar work-life smoothie? It was great getting to know you digitally and maybe we will meet face to face someday. Good luck on your future endeavors!

Good inquiry, Stephanie. It's definitely more so my office than my own policy. I definitely see my job and life getting more smoothied as the years go by. It was great knowing you digitally, too! Yes, maybe we'll meet face to face someday. Good luck and all the best!