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YouTube is all about You!

As I am writing this, I have the YouTube video with the song, "Oh how the years go by" sung by Amy Grant playing. To begin, while growing up at the end of the 20th century, the TV was referred to as the tube. It is still referred to as "the tube" . . . but move over -- YouTube is the hot new sensation in the 21st century. Comparing TV and YouTube, on TV there are a lot more roadblocks to get on air whereas on YouTube it is a lot easier to post material online.

I remember toward the beginning of this semester, Jennifer W had posted a blog quoting The West Wing writer/creator Aaron Sorkin: "I am all for everyone having a voice; I just don't think everyone has earned the microphone. And that's what the Internet has done." In response, I had written: "It made me think of the year Time Magazine elected person of the year as you meaning us/the people. Check out: http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,20061225,00.html
One of the main reasons why Time named you person of the year was because of the internet applications like YouTube where regular/non-celebrities could get noticed by anyone. . . ."

YouTube is amazing in that it allows regular every-day people to create and post videos (and it could be thought of as we educate each other through our YouTube videos). YouTube is kind of like TV but on the web; nonetheless, there are a lot of differences. On TV, not everyone could add their own show to the TV line-up. With YouTube though, all you need is an account to add videos. Of course, you would need to produce them. It is definitely easier to get your produced video on YouTube than on NBC, ABC, CBS or any of the TV Networks. In addition, when you look at the programming on TV, there is a lot of diverse types of shows but not as diverse as YouTube videos. Let's talk about YOU . . . With the TV, YOU could choose which channel you go to and what shows to watch but that's that. With YouTube, YOU could begin watching a video, stop it if YOU don't like it, go to another video, post YOUr comments, upload YOUr own video, and choose YOUr settings such as disabling comments or allowing ratings, etc. With TV, YOU are able to turn off the TV if you do not like the show, but the show still goes on (on the network). The interactiveness of TV is definitely less than YouTube and the web in general. Never could YOU post a comment on TV like YOU do on YouTube.

Although some may not know it, YouTube is very educational. From attending the U, I have grown more of an appreciation of diversity. YouTube has so much, an eclectic collection of videos, super diverse amount of content. With the diverse video collection, viewers could learn about a wide variety of topics. Remember that creative commons YouTube video that we had to watch a few weeks ago? That was educational. There are educational institutions that have accounts on YouTube. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a YouTube account. One of the most amazing professors is on it: Professor Walter Lewin. I have been amazed by him and appreciate his love for teaching. I am not even a science person! Without YouTube, I probably would not have known of him. I end with a promo video of the amazing MIT Professor Lewin:


I believe that you are right. Youtube could be used as an excellent educational tool for future discoveries and research. It provides no restraints and allows every individual the freedom to capture something about his/her life that they think is interesting and memorable. It provides uniqueness and individuality.

This promo reminded me of MIT's innovative course repository online. Anyone can access MIT's course materials and learn what the students there are learning. With videos of the classes on youtube, they are truly opening up the previously guarded world of university 'knowledge.' I'm always happy to see a great teacher too - we don't have enough of them here at the U, IMHO.