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Hello wonderful people of the Internets! Especially my classmates.


It is a pleasure to write to everyone. My name is Vy Nguyen and I am not really sure what I should write about, but I am indeed excited to learn about web 2.0. I have only begun in my major of Scientific and Technical Communications. What I wish to do with this major is go into the field of Publishing and Editing, Children books in particular. I love to read.

I use the internet for the standard things such as e-mails, playing video games, and youtube. I also use the internet for the not so standard things such as reading fanfiction, visiting various fandoms, and following up on my favorite authors. Have I mention I love to read? Because I very much do and it consumes my time outside of academics.

I haven't given much thought to the internet except that its a really huge place and I miss receiving actual letters in the mail. I am new to this world of people living inside my computer on places called"Facebook", "Wikipedia", "Myspace", and so on. I believe the reason for this is because I have a tendency to keep to myself. Its wonderful that everyone can have their own little corner of the internet, but I have not had a reason to claim my own spot yet. On the topic of the reading Connect! I agree with the reading that Web 2.0 will be the end of all Huaman interaction. Its a new way to socialize with people. I can understand this, but at the same time I am going to hang back a bit, test the waters here and there with this class until I immerse myself with this new World. I am an advocate of Open Souce material because it allows for the exchange of talent. Its a drawback that these people are not being paid for their wonderful creations, but they went in not expecting any monetary gains. My goal for this class is simply to learn as much as I can; the idea of web 2.0 is exciting because its new and shiny and as a random person this holds endless possibilities for fun. Happy readings! Goodbye until next time.