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I'm all a Twitter about workstreaming!

I am super into Twitter now that Krista taught me how to link my Twitter account to my Facebook account. I'm actually posting a little too often but that is my favorite feature on Facebook so now I have two different places to update. I used to only have four people to follow and now I get to read all of your posts and I love it! I've already learned that one of my classmates went to my old high school hang out last night and that there are fans of the show Robot Chicken which I also enjoy. This is neat.

I like the idea of workstreaming using Twitter. I think I have mentioned before that my current job doesn't require this level of technical sophistication but I would imagine that if I were a web worker, this would be a great tool for communicating in a team. I would think that checking your Twitter account to see what your coworkers are doing would be helpful in many ways. You could gauge your progress in comparison to your coworkers and alert them to what you have been working on as well. It allows a small space for a quick reply to someone's tweet and the best part is you don't have to be at a stuffy office. I think it's great.

The one thing that I didn't care for in our readings (Connect!) this week was the section on virutal meetings aka conference calls. This may be just because I don't like talking on the phone but I think speaking to more than one person at a time sounds like a disaster. Zelenka points out that there is a productive way to conduct conference calls but it still sounds odd to me. Other than that I think the life of a web worker sounds appealing.


It's cool that you mentioned there's a way to link Twitter to Facebook. I'm definitely going to find that out later today, if I ever get finished with homework. Right now I find that the easiest way to access my Twitter account and update myself is through my phone, via the web. It's so much easier and quicker than logging online, and I still get to see what everyone else is doing. Thanks.

I feel the same way as you. I think Twitter is a great tool that can be very effective if you need it, but like you my job does not require that sort of thing so it doesn't really seem necessary in my personal daily life.

I just have to say that I love your title, so classic!!!

I also completely agree with you on conference calls, I despise the phone! I always would rather text, im, email, facebook, basically anything besides talking on the phone. It just feels so forced and awkward to me. However, I have realized the importance of tone and being able to hear someone's voice and intonation. A lot can get lost in written word and we are not sure exactly how to read meaning when its not our own. But I am still with you!

I can completely understand where you are coming from when you say you are spending too much time on a networking site. Is it just me, or are there just some days when you don't feel like working, so instead you procrastinate your projects with things like Facebook and Twitter that are more interesting?

So you can link your facebook account to Twitter? That is a cool fact to know. I do not use either on a daily basis but still a very cool fact to tell others. Thank you for sharing that.
I also agree with you that on the whole "talking with too many people on a conference call is a disaster waiting to happen", but I imagine it sort of similar to a chat room. At first its really overwhelming, but after a while its second nature.
I think a video conference would definitely be less awkward as well because than you'll be able to see people as they speak and not talk over them.