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Intro and Web 2.0

Hello everyone, my name is Kary and I'm a senior. I'm currently pursuing a Scientific and Technical Writing degree and I intend on getting a minor in Design. I'm a non-traditional student who is returning to the University of Minnesota after a ten year break. I'm 35 years old and I'm trying to catch up with all you smart little whipper snappers! haha! I'm a server and I live and work in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. I used to be a welfare worker for Hennepin County and after three years I decided it was a bad fit and went back to serving. Last semester was my first time attending the U of MN full time since I was 25. I haven't been that stressed out in a very long time but it is gratifying to be in a learning environment again.

I've also heard the phrase Web 2.0 before and when I first heard of it I thought it was something other than what it really is. After reading the O'Reilly article I now understand that Web 2.0 is the evolution of Web 1.0. Web 2.0 is interactive and needs users to thrive. Web 2.0 trusts its users and seeks constant interaction and feedback.

My favorite Web 2.0 application is Facebook. I just joined Facebook about three months ago and it has replaced the time I used to spend on MySpace. I think the flow of information on Facebook makes more sense than on MySpace. Also myspace is cluttered and there is a constant barrage of acai berry diet ads that drives me crazy! I have a Twitter account but I stopped updating it because I forgot about it. I update my Facebook account constantly and I enjoy reading about what my friends are doing. I like posting links on their profiles and commenting on photos. I haven't linked Facebook on my cell phone yet because I'm worried that I won't get any work done at work.

I watched our guest speaker Jennifer Whigham and I was really impressed with the level of communication she uses with her work team. I work at a restaurant that hasn't updated the cash register since the seventies so working with technology isn't my current reality but it is something that I would like to eventually experience. Her job and the technology that she uses sounds exciting and dynamic. It appears that there are certain obstacles to running a local citizen journalism outlet when you only meet with your team once a week. It was interesting to see how much a web worker relies on Web 2.0 in order to successfully complete their tasks.


Glad to have you in the class. It's particularly nice to have several nontraditional students around this semester.

Since you mentioned using FB so much more than Twitter, I thought I'd mention that it's possible to link the two together so that your tweets become your FB statuses. I don't do this because it makes sense in my little head to keep them separate, but it might be useful for you. http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=16268963069&ref=pr

Hi Kary! Its nice to have another class with you (we took Visual Rhetoric together last semester). I'm glad that you referenced your restaurant in this post. I think its important to recognize that there are still establishments that haven't transitioned into the digital age. After working at several restaurants that struggled horribly with technology (i.e. the order would show up wrong on the screen, or not at all), do you think your restaurant would benefit from the transition or would it just complicate things?