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It’s a Mad Mad World Wide Web

Heyo! My name is Kaitlin, with a K instead of a C and an I instead of a Y. I am a senior and will graduate in May with a degree in Housing Studies and a minor in Management. I frequently am asked “What in the world is housing studies?? The reply: “Anything and everything to do with housing.? I can literally do anything I want in housing. I can be an architect or plan the neighborhoods of a city or work in a title company or sell homeowner’s insurance. The degree is very broad and has given me a background in just about everything housing related. In the future I hope to use it in the mortgage industry which may not have been the best choice considering its current state. However, I am leaning towards foreclosure or homeownership counseling which there is a need for. In my limited free time I enjoy reading, running, planning piano, playing games, and am currently addicted to spider solitaire. The statistics on the game can attest to that. I have won 1,000 some games and lost around 6,000. I am also a sports fanatic. I cycle through football, college basketball and then baseball. I am from Wisconsin so naturally I love all WI teams, however I do prefer the Gophers over the Badgers on any day, in any sport.

In regard to technology, I am familiar with some aspects of it and completely unaware of others. My father is in IT and so there were always computers in my house. I was exposed from an early age, and I began using the internet in middle school, mainly for homework but also for socializing with my friends via email and AIM. Currently, I use the internet for the same things and some additional things but in no way feel that I know a lot about it. I heard of Web 2.0 but just learned the definition after reading the O’Reilly article. This is why I am excited to be in this class; to learn more about Web 2.0 and how to use its different tools on the internet. I do use some of Web 2.0’s sites like Facebook and Flikr and have been intrigued by the reading to use more. The internet provides so many possibilities. It is a captivating tool and I can’t imagine my life without it. I use it daily and most likely will use it daily for the rest of my life. (Plus it provides a place to check the scores if I missed the game the night before.)

This week’s readings provide some interesting ideas, especially the Connect! reading. I particularly like its comparisons of knowledge workers vs. web workers and busy working vs. bursty working. First with knowledge and web workers, it is easy to see why some may view a web worker as not as productive as a knowledge worker. They do not have set hours, make their own schedule, and reach out to people further than just a cubicle away (Zelenka & Sohn, 2008, pt. xvi-xv). I find the concept of being a web worker intriguing but I see myself as working in a knowledge worker position or perhaps a combination of the two. The criticisms of the social web range from its narcissistic to it waste time (Zelenka and Sohn, 2008, pg. 11-13). All the ones in the reading make sense but I think another one can be added. Many still do not trust the internet (my mom included) thinking that it is unsafe, and that someone is just waiting to steal your identity. This is certainly another criticism of the social web and why one might not want to employ web workers. The other comparison in the reading, the busy worker vs. the bursty worker, is something I have never heard of before. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both but agree with Zelenka & Sohn (2008) that it is good to find a balance between the two that works the best for each individual (pg. 21).

I look forward to working with all of you this semester!