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It's Amazing, I'm Finally Here!

Hey so guess what everyone? I finally figured how to enter the website and read the blog and post this blog! Okay, so I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, but then again I’ve only worked with Facebook, Photobucket, Google, and well most of the common internet sites, but not Twitter. I’m still not too sure about Web 2.0, but I think I will figure it out soon. The first time I interacted online with a website was in 2000. I thought I was really cool, being able to help people setup their computers and Internet connections, but now I fear I have fallen behind. Sometimes it takes me quite a while to get back to people by email even! Again getting into this website took quite awhile, but now I’ve figured it out and am here to stay!

Well, this should have been the first thing I mentioned to you: My name is Pa Yang, but most people call me PK. I am a junior in the College of Biological Sciences, majoring in biology. Aside from school and work, I enjoy trying out different restaurants, bowling, and just hanging out with friends. I also enjoy photography, reading, and writing random notes to myself. I really just like to do everything and anything, kind of open to new things and will do what sounds good.

It’s funny that even though a lot of people worry about identity theft, most of us are willing to put ourselves out into the web world and create ourselves to the people online. Like the reading pointed out, there is no way of succeeding in web work with a fake identity. This is really true because we have to learn about one another and trust each other enough to come together and work on a project. And yes, although we don’t have to put our real information out on the web, a lot of us choose to for sites as Facebook. It’s actually exciting that there are still so many cool websites appearing every so often, I could never get tired of the Internet. And now we all have the opportunity to connect on this website and I have a greater chance to improve my web experience! All right I have to check out now, so see you next time!


I think it is interesting that you mention the concept of identity theft and how willing people are to post information about themselves.

I agree with you that some people are lacking "cyber-literacy" skill and do post more information/pictures of or about themselves on the internet in a far too public manner, but I feel that most people are wary enough to make sure to only give trusted sites their personal information.

Although facebook is definitely an anomaly. I don't think that many facebook users have read the privacy policy. If they would have they would know that everything they post on facebook actually becomes facebook's property. But then again many people such as myself do know this and are willing to use facebook anyway.

I have a hard time understanding why so many people are willing to post all of their personal information on different internet sites like Facebook for the whole world to see. My opinion is that if you don't already have my address or phone number, etc., then you don't know me well enough to have it. If you do know me, then you can ask me for it and I can decide whether or not to give it to you. I'm just too paranoid to post private information out there since I have no control over who has access to it.

It's great to have another photographer in the class! You do bring up some interesting issues about digital identity, and you're not the only one. Think I'm going to post a poll and see if people want to do a little more formal thinking about, say, Facebook.

I have to say again that I am one of those people who posts several pictures of myself online, and include information about myself. I do limit myself to the extent of what that information is online though; in that way I feel better about what I release to the world, because I know that I am choosing what to place online. But of course, there may be ID thieves out there and just a few pieces of information about me, or you, could be the key essentials they need.

Brianne, I was paranoid about posting information about me online, but now it just seems like a big hassle to worry so much. I do agree with you on not giving out the address and phone number through the internet. That kind of information just makes us easier to find in the real world, and if anyone ever attempted identity theft on us, it'd be Heaven to them, and Chaos to us.

Krista, I love taking pictures of everything! But as I only do it for a hobby, I've never focused on perfecting it. The first thing I was ever addicted to on the computer was playing with pictures, using photo-enhancing software. I think it's a wonderful idea that your thinking about adding Facebook to the course learning. See you all on my next post!