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Let's get together...yeah, yeah, yeah!

I hope you all remember the song from The Parent Trap, wow...that makes me feel old, because I am not talking about the Lindsay Lohan version. Oh man...

Anyway, I found this week to be absolutely fascinating and extremely insightful. First off, to add and respond to what others have said about Twitter, I agree that it is cool and for perhaps long-distance minimized convo it is useful, or maybe office stuff, but it does have its limitations. This may be better as a starting point for someone like my granny, who simply could not handle Facebook.

I really enjoyed the Connect! article for this week. I love that it broke down different instant messaging ideas and provided etiquette! My mom works virtually from home and relies completely on her instant messenger. The only thing is...they can't exchange personal, specific information through it, because of the possibility of interception, I am not exactly sure. The best part is when her co-workers don't know what smileys are...so funny!

I also loved the other article about online task tracking! I am definitely going to join Tumblr to help with my wedding plans. Some accomplishments I have made online this week have been pure inspiration from class. For example: I created a Google email account and began making Google Calendars. I print them off and hang them on the fridge to help my fiance and I keep track of our appts, special work days/times, church events, etc. I also recently started a book club with some of my girlfriends. We were discussing how to keep track of everything, dates, locations, the books, who was bringing what, you name it. So I thought....why not start our own website just for our bookclub? I have also recently created a website for my wedding. www.ewedding.com/sites/mathi144 terrible cover picture of me, eww!

Anyway, I am really glad that we finished this week with the U's helpful reminders of not over-exposing yourself on the internet. The bookclub website is a great idea...but sharing the exact date, time, location, and easy to follow directions to someone's home could be opening us up for trouble...so that part we will still need to email or send to each other another way. Any suggestions on that??

Thats all I have for now...I really liked learning this week about Twitter, getting to know people better, and also gaining info on all of the personal and professional resources out there. I love organization, everything having its own home, place, etc. so this is music to my ears! Have a great week everyone!!!!


I really liked your comment that Twitter "may be better as a starting point for someone like [your] granny." I think its important to distinguish between social sites (like Myspace and Facebook) and microblogs in terms of intended audience. Although plenty of older folks use Facebook, it seems to be comprised mostly of high school and college students. Twitter is great because you can choose your level of personalization--without sounding like you're hiding something. This is great for professionals and would also probably appeal to my grandma for keeping in touch with out-of-state friends.