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My internet biography

Hi, my name is Jordan Oliver and I am a Junior. My major is Scientific and Technical Communications and I have a Biology minor, so I hope to be working with both writing and Biology after I graduate. I saw a student job posting for a position in the health department of the University that sounded like it was a perfect fit. The job entailed working directly with health experts in an interview-style relationship and using that information to create learning media for the general public. I feel like I would be very happy with a job like that when I graduate.

As far as my technological literacy goes, I would say I have a basic understanding. I have been using the internet, mostly for fun and school, for about seven years. I know my way around the internet pretty well, but if I have a computer problem I usually have to go for help. I have no experience with web 2.0, in fact I don't believe I have heard of it before this class so this will be fairly new for me. I think that the internet in general is a great tool and one of the most productive things in history as far as information gathering is concerned. I look forward to this class and hope to get the full experience from it, although I do feel that the differences between a normal class you go to and an online environment may be a challenge to get used to.


Welcome to the class! I'm glad to know this will be useful for you. If you have questions as we go along, don't hesitate to ask.