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New ways to access PEOPLE...we really are using everything!

The reading from this week was interesting because I didn't know how much communication tools were available that I wasn't actually employing. Twitter seems like a cute page, but like some of you, I also agree that it doesn't seem like a great tool. I guess since Facebook already allows us to update our status, I don't understand why we are limited to a certain number of letter characters in Twitter. I suppose if Twitter allowed us to do more, other than post geographical information and momentary updates, I might want to log into that website a little more often. I don't hate it, I just don't enjoy logging in to update.

I was reading about the Time Zone Dementia, and it's funny because I've never had to really deal with that. [Zelenka, p.152] The only past experience I've had online is when I had a Thailand epal, we would talk together at different times of each others day. But I can see how one could get the confusion of a change of time zones. My boyfriend works at a small software company based on helping businesses effectively manage their time. I'm bringing this up because I thought it was insane that their were like ten different clocks on one of the walls, representing different time zones. I suppose if we were all scattered over the USA, we should all be installing one of those applications on our dashboards.

Anyways, this week I will be using what I’ve learned about scheduling my life, and hopefully succeed at trying to webify my schedule. I really hope I can log on tonight and join in the chat at 9 pm. Hope to see you then!


I love how you mentioned the different time zone thing and how that factors in to our lives! I never had to deal with that either until I began working for an insurance company where my claimants were from different time zones.

We had to come up with specific policy on when we could call them "their time". It was very confusing for me! I even knew some people that worked like 10-7 shifts because everyone they needed to call was behind us, so they would work basically on a different time zone!

Technology connects us and I enjoy that you examined a different aspect of this connection that we don't normally think of. Nice work!

I agree with a lot of the things you said in your post. Specifically, the limitations on Twitter - since the site is dedicated completely to status updates, you'd think they would allow a little more flexibility. Also, I have found a lot of new sites after doing the Connect! readings as well. There's a lot of ways to connect to people out there on the web and it's amazing the stuff I've been missing out on!

Great post. It is interesting to see that the time zones affect people in such a big way without us really taking note. I can't imagine dealing with the time zone differences that you do. Our company deals with China a lot and we have specific times that we have to call and get information and it seems like the internet would help us organize.