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Social Networking Updates

I'm not too sure how Twitter really fits in the professional world. It seems like it is more for fun. In Connect! (Zelenka, 2008, p. 166) homophily is described. I totally agree with this concept because if we weren't all in the same class or cluster, I don't know that I would be following everyone since we probably don't have the same interests.

Webifying your schedule sounds like a great idea being that everyone is busy and you need to find a time that fits everyone's schedule. I don't know that I like the whole idea of my schedule being out there for everyone to see as suggested (Zelenka, 2008, p.154). If I use multiple calendars: one for work, one for school, one for personal, etc. I think that I would get more confused if all of my meetings and due dates were in different spots. This could cause me to miss something important or double schedule something if I didn't check all of my calendar time slots. Also by putting all of that information out there could be putting you at risk for stalking, harassment, etc (UMN guide). This means that you need to fully understand how to use the privacy settings on each individual site.

There are a lot of options out there for connecting with others that I was not aware that they existed. Some techniques might work best for one person and not another, so you need to learn what the most effective way to get a hold of each person on your team is.

All in all, there is A LOT to learn in the web working environment. Each program has it's benefits and it's downfalls, you just need to figure out which works best for you.


I too have used social net working calendars for work. It was most helpful when I needed to put together a conference call off sight to give team members updates on what I was doing while I was at school. However it wasn’t a calendar that was visible on the internet. The company that I worked with used Outlook calendar and you chose to block people from certain views and chose to share your schedule with other people. I liked the security of knowing that your calendar wasn’t out on the web but my coworkers still knew when I was busy and when I wasn’t.

Brianne makes a good point that there is a lot we need to learn about web working, and I more than agree. There is so much that I need to learn, but that is what this class is for. I am looking forward to knowing more to feel more experienced when I enter the work environment.