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Web 2.0 and Me

Since this is the first post, as requested, I will start with an introduction of myself. My name is Anders and I am currently in my third year of the Scientific and Technical Communications program at the U. I am also pursuing a minor in Information Technology and have sort of focused my studies on the technological and “online? aspects of technical communications, which this class obviously fits right into. In my free time I like to read, play guitar, hang out with friends, and play video games. I also love to play and follow sports. I am a big fan of almost all professional Minnesota sports teams and of course the Gophers.

I first started using the internet when I was in about second or third grade, so around 1996. My dad bought a computer for the family that ran Windows 3.1 but many programs you had to run out of the DOS prompt. My dad is also a University of Minnesota employee so we got free dial up, 56k internet through the University of Minnesota. In those days I used the internet mainly for playing games and later on talking to friends via AOL Instant Messenger.

Now, I would consider myself fairly well versed in the nature of the internet and Web 2.0. I have used many Web 2.0 applications either in my free time or through various classes similar to this one such as Writ 3401. The Web 2.0 applications that I use most commonly are Wikipedia and social networking sites. Although Wikipedia isn’t considered a valid source for academic purposes it’s my go to site if I ever want to look something up for fun. I like it because of how up to date it is and for the most part it is extremely accurate. And as far as the social networking sites, the main one I use, as I’m sure many others in the class do, is Facebook. Although I don’t have many applications on my facebook one that I do have and use regularly, Living Social: Books, is a prime example of Web 2.0. It allows me to share what books I am reading and my reviews of the books I have read, and I can also see my friend’s books and reviews. You can also just search a book title and find reviews from anyone else on the internet using the application.

One idea that I found interesting in the reading was in the “What is Web 2.0?? article. He writes,? You can almost make the case that if a site or product relies on advertising to get the word out, it isn't Web 2.0? (O’Reilly, 2). I found this interesting because I had never thought of this before but it is extremely true. I have never seen an ad for Facebook but it is one of the most commonly visited sites on the internet. In fact it has become so popular that I have seen other companies use Facebook in their ads to cash in on its success. There is a Sprint commercial on TV where the man in the commercial states that their phone allows you to “update your Facebook status on the go.? Web 2.0 utilities rely on a steady and loyal userbase to become and remain successful and in my opinion that’s what defines Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is the users controlling the data and functionality of a site or online utility.