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Web 2.0 Entry Tim Kaplan

My name is Tim Kaplan and I currently reside in Cottage Grove, MN with my wife and 2 kids. I have returned to the University of Minnesota to complete my degree in Applied Business and Writing Studies to further my career and to gain a better working knowledge of the theroies and technologies that are avaiable since leaving school in 2000. Currently I am the regional sales manager for a life science/molecular biology company out of New Jersey and have 8 representatives currently reporting directly to me, so I am very busy with work, school and family.
The reason for taking this course is that I find myself getting frustrated when doing research on the internet trying to keep up with the industry and when I am searching out information on specific items of interest when preparing for a big meeting or when doing training. I feel that the internet is a tremendous tool that can be used for many good things, but getting correct and reliable information is not always found. Another issue that I have with using the internet is that I find that I am not able to properly utilize all of the tools that are available to get across my message so that others can view and communicate back with me on the thoughts or to make a purchase from my company. This course will further my career and will give me the tools to become better at what I do and for that reason, I am excited.

Tim Kaplan