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Web 2.0 meet Laura 2.0

I am not really sure what that is supposed to mean up there....maybe that as the internet and communication change so do we, which seems fitting to me in my point of life at the moment.

So...my name is Laura Mathisen. I am in my last semester at the U (HOLLAR!) and I am very excited to be done for many reasons. My most immediate plan for after graduation is to walk down the aisle on June 13. I can't wait! So while working on finals I will also be packing, changing my name, bank account, and just about everything else. This is interesting to me for the technological reasons. Any info on this? How will my email and other accounts be affected? I had never thought about it before...Besides getting married I plan on finding a full-time job. At this point I am not too picky, something in the professional world. With our struggles, I will be thankful to just find a job. Then after that, who knows? Maybe pop out some babies, buy a house, grow in my career and life, all of that good stuff.

I am very interested in this class for obvious reasons, its how we roll these days. Technology, the internet, virtual stuff, is all a part of our lives. The fact that my cousins use the verb to google, can get themselves to nickjr.com and various other kid game sites, and have ipod shuffles at the ripe old age of eight proves that the times they are a changin. Thus, I want to know what this means for me, my family, my working world, and life in general. Where are we headed? How do I stay afloat without becoming completely dependent on technology? Is that even an option anymore?

I previously worked for MetLife in our office in Bloomington. They just went virtual. My mom had to re-apply for her job, say goodbye to lifelong friends, and turn our attic into an office. She enjoys the virtual commute, but she is still learning everyday about new software and communication styles so that she won't become a dinosaur and will be able to keep her job. I know that my generation takes it for granted that we were pretty much born with the internet and thus do not struggle as much with these things....but it is still tough for all of us at times.

Getting into the O'Reily article, I was fascinated with the overwhelming research and discussion about Web 2.0. It says, "As noted above in the discussion of Google vs. Netscape, one of the defining characteristics of internet era software is that it is delivered as a service, not as a product." (O'Reily, p. 4). The internet as a service...I had never thought about it before. I never even thought other people thought about it.

I respect and even appreciate that people are concerned enough with how this technology changes daily that they research, discuss, and record it. I was under a false assumption that the internet was this great, but somewhat wild beast that did its own thing and we just had to kind of go with it. Sure, we can shut down programs if they become harmful, but I believed that the most popular program took over and that was it. Now I see the internet as what the O'Reily article describes it as, an evolution. A buliding off of the original foundation, not necessarily changing it entirely, but manipulating it from a product, into a service. The more efficient, user-friendly, fast, etc. the better.

An example of this, for me, is Facebook. It is a relatively simple idea. We find a site that can allow others to kind of imprint themselves into a virtual world. Then, others can find them, and keep them in their own personal database. They can interract, exchange, develop, without actually having to physically, literally do any of this. We also have seen how one service can develop instead of being replaced by an entirely different service. With Facebook, the site has been updated multiple times. The users may put up a fuss, but they adapt, evolve, and continue. I am also amazed to discover the wide range of Facebook users. From workers, to parents, to teens, to groups, businesses, organizations, the list goes on, everyone is able to use this service for their specific need. This is fascinating and I think the O'Reily article, while not speaking directly of Facebook, reflects the changes that I have seen first-hand with the example of Web 1.0 to Web 2.0

I apologize for the crazy length of this....but I am very curious and interested now. I hope everyone has a great week and I can't wait to hear what everyone else has to say about Web 2.0 :)


Hi Laura - congratulations on the big events you have going on this year! Graduation and a wedding, wow - you must be busy. In response to your inquiry about name changes - I have been married almost 3 years now and I still find places where I need to update my name. My UMN ID first four (grib) has nothing to do with a last name starting in W.

One piece of advice I will give you is your car title - the DMV may tell you not to change it right away and there really is no rush, but if you don't update it there you may not receive your tab renewal notices. Just a heads up for that one - you can still get the notices without updating the title, but you have to have them change your name and address in that system (or something like that). Otherwise, change your name with social security first and the rest is a snap. Best of luck to you as you work through these life changing events!