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Web working with Amanda

Hi everyone… My name is Amanda, otherwise known as Ebz or Eberle by my friends. Amanda tends to be a ridiculously popular name and apparently Eberle isn’t a popular last name in Minnesota. I am a senior majoring in Animal Science… yeah, like with cows and stuff… also minoring in STC, hence why I’m in this class, and Applied Economics. I am from Monroe, WI, a small town south of Madison, and hope to one day return to a permanent address in Wisconsin. After graduating this spring I plan to enter directly into the work force; as of now I envision myself working in the dairy industry in communications, marketing or advertising.

I feel that I fit a quote in Connect!: “The web is more a social creation than a technical one…�? (Connect, pg. XVI) I am a social butterfly and the internet has become my primary way of talking with my family, friends, and coworkers. Prior to enrolling in this class I have had some experience with web 2.0 applications primarily social net works, mainly Facebook, email and IM – virtual socializing. Recently I also had a telecommuting job with a dairy cooperative in Wisconsin as a part-time communications employee working in Minnesota. Of course I also rely heavily on the internet for research, outside of that I am not very “techie�? or experienced with web applications such as Flickr, blogging, wiki (for this class) and web design.

Throughout the past couple of years I have recently become very interested in advertising, both creative and editorial. Until reading O’Reilly I never really gave it a thought that many web applications don’t advertise; “Their adoption is driven by "viral marketing"--that is, recommendations propagating directly from one user to another.�? (O’Reilly, pg2) I find this fascinating because there are so many companies that advertise both outside the internet and on it that gain their business from it, however internet applications depend on word of mouth to gain popularity.

After exploring the differences between knowledge working vs. web working and busy working vs. burst working in Connect!, I foresee myself in the future being a web/burst worker. The internet is a fascinating place and I only see it expanding more through time.


Like Amanda, I find it fascinating that internet applications depend on word of mouth to gain their popularity. This is most clearly seen with Facebook. I heard about Facebook from a friend who was already on it. I was quite leery of joining at first but as I learned more about it from her and others, I jumped on the bandwagon. Clearly many others have done the same since Facebook has grown so much. As Laura said, it went from having college students as users to including parents, high schoolers, businesses, organizations and workers. This growth occurred through word of mouth advertising. It’s interesting that an application like Facebook banks on the fact that people will spread the word to gain interest in it because how are people to know about it if they haven’t heard about it from someone else? This form of advertising can be risky. In a way it is limiting, but in these circumstances I think it works quite well. Just look at how Facebook has grown.