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My mom once sent me an article titled, “Are you addicted to the internet.� It had a check list of things like checking your email more than 5 times a day, spending more than hours a day on the internet, and many more for a self diagnostics to decide if you were in fact “addicted to the internet.� I remember reading it in my Bailey Hall dorm room freshman year and it really made me stop and think for a minute. Was I addicted to the internet? I had just created a Facebook profile and was on that countless hours a day constantly updating that. As a freshman I also found it so cool that I actually got numerous emails a day and never wanted more than two or three unread messages in my inbox. Since then I have cut back on my logged on time to Facebook and UMN email, but definitely not on my internet time.

This week was the first that I had ever heard of Twitter. It was confusing at first… and I am still not sure if I have it down yet or not, we will soon find out. It would be nice if we could form a “group� on twitter for our class so we all could be connected to each other through the group. Does anyone know if that is possible?

Our reading from Connect! this week examines many alternatives for people to communicate outside of email because it’s not always the best choice for communicating with people synchronously (Connect, 143). But I beg to disagree with the statement; with many new phones and technologies today many people can have conversations via email. I actually prefer this instead of setting up six different accounts on different net works to “chat� with my 10 different groups. I personally don’t like getting bogged down with passwords and usernames that I can’t keep straight. Some of the alternatives that the book discussed were instant messaging, chat rooms, social and professional networks (such as facebook and myspace), blogging and many more, all of which I have worked with one form at some point in time. However, One type of communication on the internet that I had never heard of was a wiki, other than Wikipedia. I was glad to see that there was a small reference in the reading as to what a wiki was because we will be building one in this class.

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As we all get more and more addicted to the internet I found it interesting that your mom found that article. As a society, it is important for us to get information fast and accurately to keep up. I really liked how you mentioned that you don't like having 6 different accounts and keeping track is confusing. I find this and need to find the ones that work the best for me.

I totally agree with you on the internet addiction question. Although I've never had to ask my self that question directly, I have thought about my life before the internet came into play. It was basically socializing with friends at school, connecting with family at home, and watching television or singing and listening to music otherwise. I didn't even know what I was missing out on the world wide web. As soon as I moved out to the rural area, I had to connect with my old friends. One of my buddies in middle school introduced me to AIM and I was hooked. But the funny thing was that we were snail mailing each other a few letters before AIM. There was a point in my life, towards the end of high school, when I didn't have time for the internet because I was so busy with school activities and friends. But like you, I added Facebook in freshman year of college and was hooked. Facebook was totally necessary to keep up with, not really old friends at that time, but with new ones.

I also don't like having multiple usernames and passwords. I try to use the same name so that I at least remember that and can have my password sent to me if necessary. I also try not to create too many different passwords, but some accounts require different characters, etc. This make it extremely difficult to remember which ones belong to which.