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Impression of Twitter

As someone who keeps to herself often I am not very good at being social and I even forget that there is indeed a necessary point to human interaction. Twitter was really easy to use and the whole concept of“asking shows that you care� is a great sentiment, but I honestly do not think I will use it outside of this classroom. We have become spoiled by the variety of options in our lives and when something has so little features it becomes a turnoff and I am no exception to this; I did not care for the word limit, or the inability to go back and edit a misspelled word. On the other hand of things I can see the reason for this since (it could be something that is just in my head, who knows..) In actual life when you speak out loud to another person there is no back key, and so it would make sense that Twitter does not allow this feature. It gives everything a more unedited genuine feel of your current thoughts right than and there. Another reason I would never seek out Twitter on my free time is because it is a program that takes up a lot of time. It is really easy to write a quick sentence, but the constant need to turn on my computer and keep checking to see if anyone has replied can make one a little obsessive.

Before I read chapter six of Connect!, I always regarded communication as an exchange of information but after giving it some more thought my personal view of the word “communication� has changed. When I read stories in books, it is not only descriptive imagery the author is trying to rely to the reader, but rather a wanting to build a relationship between reader and the characters. The author wants the reader to become attached to the world they have created and the people who exist in that world.

Since I am still getting use to the World of blogging I am using my love of reading as a security blanket, so be warned now: most if not all my posts will contain a book or reading analogy. Good-bye until next time.


I would actually think Twitter would be a good way for someone that's not so social to work around that. I think the internet in general has allowed people to become more introverted...and definitely think overall our nation's people skills have gone down hill because of it! But I also agree that I wouldn't really use Twitter outside of class, specifically because of its lack of options - but I could also see it being a really powerful tool for others.