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Our success story

Our goal is to create an easily accessible web site that provides an extensive database of information. While we do already have a good start on gathering information, this would all mean nothing if we were unable to organize the information in a way that proves to be user-friendly. This is why it is so important to make sure to keep descriptive tabs on our links. If we are able to gather a huge amount of information from many sources while maintaining effective site navigation I would say that we have been successful in the course. To be a successful web site, however, it needs to be easily found by the people who are seeking information on the RNC. This success can be measured by watching the hits our site receives. I don't know exactly how this works, but I would imagine it is fairly easy to keep track of. Overall, if we create a site with an extensive amount of information that is easy to navigate, then more people will use it and our success can be measured by the amount of hits our site receives.


There are a couple elements of your post that I absolutely agree with. First, the fact that you refer to the site as providing a database of information. This is a great way to think about the site. One step further could be to think about what the users would "query" on the site and how they would like to see that information presented (context). Second, hit counters are an easy way to see if people are finding their way to your page, but you don't get much more information than that. Consider this instead: earlier this week I was reading about bounce rate (http://www.google.com/analytics/index.html) and Google Analytics. Bounce rate has to do with users who find your page, but don't use it (they leave without clicking anything). I think a low bounce rate would also be a good indicator of success. It would tell us if users find the page AND whether or not they actually use it. I found this on YouTube - let's see if there's a way to post it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppgfjo6IIf4

I really enjoyed this post because you are pointing out that we need to have it organized and easy to use. This is an important element in any website because people will leave the site if they can't find information fast. Usuability is the main reason people visit and recommend sites to others.