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Project Goals and Plans

In order to keep the pieces of the puzzle coming together we need a task list and a schedule to keep us on track (Brown, Huettner, Tanny, 2007). There shouldn't be any financial cost to us, but there will be a time commitment. Since we are working together to complete this project we need to make sure that we are all speaking the same "language." If you file things a certain way due to associations that pop into your mind about that object, doesn't mean that those same thing will pop into everyone elses minds. Basically, you can't assume that everyone thinks the same way. You need to have a reason for placing certain things in a specific location and follow some kind of guideline so that it is easily accessible and everyone agrees on its placement (Morville, Rosenfeld, 2007).

I think the site should be organized chronologically so that it is easier for those not familiar with the subject to follow along and understand that this happened as a result of this, etc. Multiple keywords linking to the same subject like the entity relationship diagram would be good since everyone might not come up with the same exact words to search, but can get to the same end result. If they can't find what they are looking for, they will leave the site and we won't be successful.

Users need to be successful in order for us to be successful.

Some kind of an archive would be nice to be able to follow our progress.


I mentioned organizing by topic in my post, but now that you mention chronology I think that is a great idea. My only concern would be that we may not have timestamp information for every source we gather. However, I think it would be a great way to set things up in the intro - I could almost picture something like a time line or flow chart, maybe a combination of the two, so that we can show the relationships and dependencies within the site visually right off the bat. That way the user can grasp the big picture right away and then delve deeper into areas based on that initial understanding.

You bring up a good point that we do not all share the same point of reference, and I like the idea of chronological order. Liz also brought up a good point that it may not be possible in some cases, but that is what misc. sections are good for. A visual timeline is not only eye catching, but very useful as well. That would be such a good graphic to have on our site.

If it is possible I also think that it will be helpful to have a search on our webpage. If we do this it will also be important that we have many useful tags on everything so the users can find what they are looking. We want our users to have a successful and satifying experience on our site.

Brianne and Liz make good a good suggestion of organizing our information chronologically. However, if it is possible I think that it would be good to have a search in our webpage. But to make the search work good we need to be sure that everything has many useful tags. We want to be sure that our users have a successful and satisfying experience when they visit the site.