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Success does not mean Done

Success. It almost sounds like done. Tell an elementary teacher you are “done” and you will most likely be corrected for the use of "done". Apparently the word “done” is so final that teachers don’t like hearing it. The same feeling goes through my head when I hear “success”. I’d like to interpret success to be an answer to this question: Did we achieve our main goal, and what is our next one?

In our case, I believe the question of our success should be divided into two simple questions. The first: During the making of the RNC website, were we successful in our online interactions and cooperation? Second, is our site working the way we intended it to?

Project planning is essential in our success. We are building a website together, and there are so many of us. It is easy for one or two people to get left behind, thinking there is nothing for them to do. It is also easy to fall behind on contributing to the workload, but if we make a basic plan everyone will know where to go. Due to the different schedules of every individual, the tasks will take longer to complete. (Brown, 2007, p97) But in order to make our website, everyone needs a job, needs to know how to approach it, and when to finish it. Of course, some of the basics in the reading are unnecessary for us. We all have access to computers and the basics. We don’t need to outline a budget, and we don’t need other tools to be provided to us.

Towards the end of the project deadline (end of the semester?) we will take a step back and go through the website as though we were a new user. Then and there we will each measure the success of the website based on the outlined purposes and goals we have. But the website will live on, and success will still never mean done.


I agree with you entirely, Pa. I believe that success is defined by whether or not we accomplished what we intended to do, not when the semester ends or when we are "done" so to speak.

Pa makes a great point that many people define success as being "done" with a project. Just because you are done doesn't that mean you were successful. You should concider askin your self are you happy with the end result? Did it turn out how you planned it? Was it done on time? Without answering YES to all of these quesions (and many others) you were not successful.

Also projects are many times never completely "done" updates need to be made and there are also many times more steps or parts to complete after success of the first part.

By the way the anonymous comment is mine.