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The Geek Squad

I find it amazing how the Geek Squad grew their business practically overnight once they signed with Best Buy (Tapscott). They went from $3 million after eight years of business to $1 billion with the publicity and association with Best Buy. You can tell that their employees are proud of what they do when they wear their jackets shopping off the clock. They aren't afraid to be labeled as geeks and people approach them in the store to ask questions. They are the experts on computer problems.

Even though they are the experts on fixing computers, doesn’t mean that they like using different tasks on them. The company had tried to get them to use the Wiki, but it didn’t go over very well.

The idea of the Wiki is good. It allows for contruibution from multiple users to be edited and organized (Leuf). Instead of e-mailing back and forth to a bunch of people, you all can compare and see how the page has changed through the entire process.

The only downfall that I can think of is the fact that visitors can edit the page. This can lead to inaccurate and unreliable information. As a result, the site must be monitored to ensure it authenticity. The Wiki does allow you to see who made the changes and when they made the changes.

I think the Wiki is the new and effective way to collaborate in groups. I had never used a Wiki before until this year, now I’m using it for two different classes!


You bring up some good points here. You mention how sites such as wikis can be an alternative to email. I agree with this entirely. In one of my classes we are working in groups throughout the semester and our group set up a Google site (much like a wiki) in order to avoid the massive chain of "reply all" emails in our inboxes.

I really have a problem with forgetting to type my name in these comments. The anonymous one was mine, again.

I love that you mention that even though the Geek Squad is awesome in their sweet nerdy way, doesn't mean that they are able to communicate in super human ways. Even geeks have difficulties like the rest of us!!

This is something to remember when building our wiki. Its ok to have setbacks and to not be perfect, but we do need to make it understandable for people in order for them to be able to use it.

Nice work!