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Wiki, Wiki, What!

I hope everyone go the scratching reference in the title. These wikis are amazing to me and provide a common place for users to share information and gain knowledge of a topic without being in the same room. The value that it gives researchers or companies far out weighs conference calls or expensive meetings to work on new products or to generate new ideas and provides a comon place to work. The other feature that I really found great is that users can edit or add information to a website that is basically a text site with no frills. We are not weeding through a bunch of complacated formats and the general information is easily accessable. A great example of that is what Robert Stephens was able to do with the Geek Squad.

Now for the down side. A user has to be careful on what information they trust and or use in their research. Since it is an open forum, anybody can edit or add to different topic sections. For example, I could go on to Wikipedia and edit or add to a subject that I have no idea about or want to mess up. User creditablility and integerity have to be at the for front to assure this type of technolgy is not abused.

Tim Kaplan


In reading many of the blog posts for this week, a number of them mention the trustworthiness of wikis and the skepticism involved with Wikipedia. It seems like we are all on the same page and I think that is important when constructing our wiki site because we realize what some of its disadvantages are and can keep that in mind.

First of all I have to say that I love your title! I was also inspired by the article Wikinomics. I have to admit that I go to wikipedia first when I have no idea what I'm looking up. I feel like it's a great launching point and even though you aren't supposed to use it for academic citation you can use the helpful links that are the bottom of the pages. I used wikipedia to find information on Al Franken and someone had gone in and wrote something antisemitic about him. That is a danger we face when wikis are created by the public and some of us are jerks.