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Here comes YouTube

YouTube seems to be a place to post random videos that any ordinary people have created for purposes of entertainment. It's a place for people to gain popularity and a fan base. Hurley says that the company slogan is "Broadcast Yourself (Garfield, 2006)." Having said that, I would find it hard to imagine that there would be so many copyright issues. Making someone take down their video because of a song playing in the background seems like it's unfair. This could be a form of advertising that people might actually pay attention to. YouTube refused to sell ads attached to either end of a video (Garfield, 2006). This is on the premise that these ads acted like a TV commercial, interrupting the viewers experience. Just because someone came to watch a specific video, it doesn't mean that they want to watch advertisements before hand. If people are already there to watch, then you have their attention to anything going on in your video. As long as the work is used with good intent, it should be allowed. Companies using metadata that describes your video find related subjects is a bad idea. Right now it consists of only a few key terms that the user selects (Garfield, 2006). This means that the company could be negatively associated with a particular video that they are promoting. Since there isn't a way to monitor content unless someone requests that it is taken down, maybe you should have to submit your video to YouTube and they can decide if it it appropriate to post.


YouTube is user generated and is also user maintained as well for the most part. I do not think it is fair or possible for YouTube to view every video submitted before it is posted for the public to see. How would you define "appropriate" anyways. There would be more controversy around YouTube censoring videos and people demanding why theirs did not make the cut.

It is unfair that a YouTube video may have their music taken off, but it is in the terms of agreement. Unhappy users can go to another website. There are YouTube alternatives on the Internet now such as IMEEM. Although I do agree people should not be penalize for something so petty and should get a decent amount of notice before their creative video is changed/taken down without their consent. I am glad that Google decided not to attach advertisements before and after videos, but have you noticed that annoying little window that advertises the music is available on Itunes now?

One thing that keeps coming to mind as we discuss advertising and YouTube is - why not ask the person uploading the video which ad they would like to include below or to the side of their video? For example, if I am posting an educational video, maybe I want to select a University of Phoenix ad to show up in a side banner. If I am posting a video of my dog, maybe a Purina ad would be appropriate. Of course there will always be those who choose a completely unrelated ad for their video, but that says something about the credit to their video and provides the viewer additional criteria to judge the credibility and worth of your video. It's something to think about anyway.