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No Hollywood Budget Required.

I remember when I first stumbled across YouTube, my reaction was a mixture of horror and fondness. The horror came first because I could not understand what drove people to make such nutty videos, and than the fondness began to set in when I found a video to love. I thought it was a brilliant move when Google brought YouTube. Google will essentially make billions of dollars by simply providing enough bandwidth and site maintenance. The entire website is user generated content and there is plenty of space for advertisements. I know a few people who use YouTube or else Peer to Peer Networks exclusively for their entertainment needs-they haven’t watched television in months.

I personally do not think Television is going the way of the Newspapers for a few reasons. YouTube may be cool and addictive, but after awhile randomness gets annoying and people want more story/content/plot than a cute little kitten. Television programs understand their audience and have changed to meet their needs unlike traditional newspapers. Television Networks have begun to put either sample episodes or entire seasons on sites such Hulu and Fancast because they know people are spending more time online. Perhaps one day all Networks will broadcast exclusively on the Internet, but the concept of television will not die out. If anything, YouTube will extinguish before the fall of television.

While Television shows are formulaic, they have originality and a boat load of researchers working for them. Once a YouTube video idea becomes popular, hundreds of people suddenly start uploading videos of their cute little kittens. This is just one example, but I am sure everyone has noticed this trend where similar videos keep cropping up. Since the YouTube format has become instantly recognizable and frequently visited, many other websites (such as IMEEM) have copied the concept but trademark it differently. IMEEM does not only persuade existing YouTube users to their site, but have people post links in their YouTube videos. Television networks do extensive research on what an audience likes while YouTube users only have a few friends for feedback on their next video. No One can attribute YouTube’s success to one component. Yes it is cheap and there is lots of variety. Yet, all videos have an equal chance of getting thousands of hits.


Great point about newspapers! I agree. I do not think YouTube will replace them. It comes down to generation differences as well. For example, I know my mother has never been on YouTube and most likely will never go to the site. She reads the newspaper every morning and is somewhat against computers. I think the same is true for a lot of older generations. They are not willing to replace the internet/computer with what they know and are comfortable with.

That said, I do not think that newspapers will die out. Even when the generations that prefer receiving their news from that outlet rather than online are long gone, I think newspapers will still be around. People will want the content; unless YouTube starts to head in that direction. Daily news updates with tons of content? Perhaps this is the direction we are headed after all.

I agree that TV will be around for quite some time. I don't know how people can sit and watch tv on their computer if they are watching as a family since it would be very small and crowded. Plus laptops have short battery lives, so if you watched tv all the time, you would need to constantly have it plugged in to charge. I'm not familiar with any of the other sites you have mentioned nor do I have any idea what I would personally use them for, but as long as others continue to use them, they will exist.

While I was watching TV last night I saw a commercial that directed viewers to YouTube for mor information on their product. I thought that this was very interesting that they made their commercial short and sweet and put the rest on YouTube for those interested in finding out more. This is a good way to get their name out their.

This is a great post. I felt the same way when I was introduced to the world of YouTube. I was amazed that somebody would publish themself doing crazy stuff. Once I was able to spend some time and search different catagories, I was taken back. You have it right, this might take over TV.