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Reactions to Youtube

Youtube is one of my favorite and also most hated sites on the internet. I agree with many of the ideas in the videos and I do believe it can be a great tool for professional, amateur, and just everyday videographers to display their work or just videos they make to cure boredom.

However, the user base of youtube makes me hate it. It's actually not much different that a lot of other sites on the internet I guess. A bunch of people hiding behind the anonymity of a user name starting 5 comment page long fights about whether the band shown in the video has “sold out”. Or just making random comments on people's video blogs telling them they suck. I find the users on youtube are far more negative than almost any other site I've encountered, this is possibly because I use it more than a lot of other sties as well.

Also I thought the “Youtube vs. Boob Tube” article brought up a major issue inherent in youtube. Copyright and intellectual property infringement. In some ways I agree with how youtube handles these issues and in other ways I don't, it's a lot like the discussion we had a couple weeks ago. I can see why youtube would take videos down when people upload a copyrighted movie in a 10, 10 minute clip form or other major copyrighted material, but I don't think its necessary for youtube to delete the sound from people's videos for playing a copyrighted sound in the background. To me thats like the issue with the documentary having to pay 10,000 dollars to have The Simpsons playing in the background. I think bands should be happy that someone just making a video blog or a video for fun decided to include their music. This could in turn lead to a larger listener base if someone viewing the video posts a comment asking what the song is, finds out, and in turn buys the music.

Youtube is definitely an important Web 2.0 technology though that I believe will only become more popular as digital cameras with video capabilities become cheaper and broadband internet expands even more than it already has.


Agreed. YouTube users can be mean, sexist, racist, and just plain nasty. And then there are the spammers (isn't that a rules violation?) and the religious fanatics who post random sermons about completely unrelated videos.
Also, you mentioned the whole intellectual property thing--did you happen to notice that one of the videos posted in "YouTube vs. Boob Tube" was taken down due to "terms of use violation"? Hah, ironic.

I react to YouTube with a mixture of horror and fondness,but the User Base is incredibly irritating. I can definitely relate to your frustrations when it comes to five pages of just the same group of people bickering over ridiculous things. Perhaps someone needs to make a video about YouTube commenting etiquette before people act better. Those comments boxes are not a place for forums threads, but rather for focus on the video and feedback.

I also think it is unfair that YouTube users would have their videos muted, but it is in the terms of agreement and copyright issues are a difficult topic right now. I think it is a temporary measure until Google/YouTube finds a better way, but at the moment, there are YouTube competitors out there such as IMEEM who would gladly take any unhappy users. Youtube now has a handy little (this could be read as: silly add on) pop-up box that alerts viewers to what they're listening to and if its available to buy.

Hey Anders, I completely agree with your take on YouTube. You really have to sift through the junk to find the gems sometimes. I also agree with your views on YouTube fair use and copyright - it's free advertising, stop looking a gift horse in the mouth right? It is really an eye opening experience if you have a small group of people from work, school, or family that you interact with to go into YouTube and see how other people broadcast themselves. I certainly would never post something so silly as the "numa numa" video, but hey that was his 15 minutes of fame and it's my choice not to watch it. At least we do have that choice.