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Youtube & Copyright

I think YouTube is a great resource for gathering and disseminating information to others through videos. However, I also don't think many people see it as this type of resource. I don't know many people who use YouTube purely for educational purposes or to gather information, and instead, it seems more like a place for people to pass the time watching funny videos or posting their own. Personally, I'm not much of a YouTube user. I think making and posting videos would take up a little too much of my time, but obviously there are plenty of people out there that love to do this kind of stuff. What many people don't realize is that YouTube is just as vulnerable to copyright issues as any other medium. Because people are using it more for fun and entertainment as opposed to gathering and sharing information, I think copyright issues are extremely overlooked on YouTube. I personally never thought much about copyright when it comes to YouTube simply because I never thought of it in terms of serving educational purposes. Garfield's YouTube vs. BoobTube definitely touched on these copyright infringements on YouTube, and I think it's an issue worth doing something about. Intelligent works need just as much protection as tangible ideas and products, and YouTube is no exception to this. Perhaps having a Creative Commons license just like Flickr would be able to quickly and efficiently solve this problem.


Hey Brittany,

I agree with you that uploading videos would take too much time for me, even if it is just one click. :D Anyways, I would oppose what you said about copyright on YouTube. I think that YouTube is really just a place to upload and view videos from people all over the world-- and that to me means that copyright shouldn't be enforced as much. Of course we are to post a video to our website, how do we credit the person, and how do we know we can use it? But basically, what I think is that if someone uploads a movie or whatnot, it's free advertising to the makers of that movie. Of course there are always the full length movies that people upload onto YouTube- which hurts the producers of the movie. But if the viewer liked the movie enough, they would be smart to go out and purchase a real copy. Now if the producers knew that the movie wasn't good enough and still wanted people to buy it, then I say that's like a scam. Why should we have to not know what's in the movie, and just invest our money in it? Sometimes we are disappointed with the movies we buy. If we can sample Ipods at the Apple store, why shouldn't we sample movies online?

Really like your post because it brings up a great point. YouTube could be used for far more productive applications and could be on par with wikipedia if used correctly. The copyright issue is something that needs to be addressed and you find videos gone when visited again. It is something that is evolving as we speak and will come under legal issues in the near future.