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YouTube for Profit

YouTube certainly has its high points: insanely cute kittens, hilarious sports outtakes, tons of music videos (all officially licensed by the proper record companies) and randomness. Best of all, its free and open to the public. Well, sort of. As mentioned in YouTube vs. Boob Tube, there is a huge financial market within YouTube (Garfield). As a result, there are also a ton of rules regarding copyright. Irony of the day? One of the videos embedded in the article itself was removed due to "terms of use violation." It's hard to think about the fact that something as silly and fun as videos of sleepy kittens (also mentioned in YouTube vs. Boob Tube) is regulated, monitored, and may even be a source of financial gain.

Exposure? Sure. I think it's great that KSU got recognition for Assistant Professor Wesch's basement video on Web 2.0 (Joly). It even seems okay that KSU profited from said video. However, the whole Simpson's ordeal ($10,000. Really?) and similar events are absolutely ridiculous. Maybe copyright is such a huge issue because people don't understand "Intellectual Property" (as in Professor Logie's lecture). My hunch, though, is that big companies (record labels, broadcast networks, radio stations) are threatened by what seems to be an "open source" entertainment movement. As mentioned in YouTube vs. Boob Tube, 85 percent of college students watch videos on YouTube (Garfield). Plenty of them probably watch movies, too. (Once you get over the whole 6-part interrupted thing, it's quite satisfactory.) I can't imagine that YouTube will ever completely replace TV and movies, though. Until I can afford 20MBPS high-speed connections and a widescreen hi-def monitor, I will continue to watch the Twins (for free) on Channel 45. And, even though I streamed the new X-Men movie (an unfinished version that leaked) two nights ago, I am still going to see the finished version in theaters. Maybe we are at a turning point in entertainment as far as what people are willing to pay for, but I think that people will still see movies in the theater, watch certain shows on TV, and buy their favorite CDs. YouTube just gives people an excuse to be silly and creative with a webcam or video camera and questions the importance, and value, of entertainment in our society.


I agree with alot of your points here. Yeah youtube is awesome but the whole intellectual property thing is out of control, like I stated in my post.

And actually I didn't realize that the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" video was removed until you mentioned it to me. I had already seen that video so I didn't even bother watching it while reading the article. That is definitely funny and ironic.

By the way, how is the new X-Men movie, it looks awesome.

Hi Hannah,

I like that you pointed out the copyright issue of YouTube. I think that one of the best things about YouTube is that you can upload your video instantly. This makes it easy for even the novice video taker to upload, view, and share their videos. However, this is what also gets YouTube into trouble. Many users who upload their videos on YouTube don't understand copyright law. I'm still new to YouTube but when I was surfing around the site I noticed a lot of amateur videos in which the user dubbed a song over it. I think that even though copyright guidelines are posted on the YouTube site, people don't read it or choose to ignore it. I also think this may be an even larger issue for YouTube in the future.