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...and say "I'm done".

I am hoping now that school is winding down I will be able to reclaim the work/life balance that has eluded me these past 4 years. I am the poster child of how not to balance work and life. I think the tipping point was when I purchased a phone that could sync my work and school email. I set my out of office for the first time in more than a year on Friday for graduation - and I still checked my work mail! Someday I hope I will learn to shut it off. I think purposely forgetting it at home when I went shopping yesterday was a good start.

I would like to thank all of you for helping me collect such great input from the usability testing. The data and comments were great and it made writing the report a breeze. The biggest findings were additional or consistent navigational tools, removing the blank pages, getting the photos to show up, and having descriptive headings that clearly differentiated the page topics (our mobile tech title was too close between the iPhone page and the Twitter page, so I just changed them). Overall the comments state that the site is easy to use, has a ton of information, and looks professional. Great job all!!! If you want to see the report - send me an email. I will continue checking my u mail regularly for at least a week.

On a personal note, this class was a real challenge for me and I want to thank you all for keeping it interesting and engaging through chat, blog, and on the site. I am done with school for a while now and I am almost tearing up realizing that on one hand - no more homework and on the other hand - no more great intellectual interaction with those who share my passion and interest. To that end, feel free to keep in touch. Maybe we will meet irl at an STC meeting or conference some day. Take care!

"Navigate back to "home" and say, "I'm done"."


I just wanted to let you all know that one of the commencement speakers emphasized the importance of being able to communicate knowledge to others outside the university environment, to everyday people. The speaker called students and faculty to action to continue to build our communication skills to accomplish this common communication. Congratulate yourselves for taking the initiative to make this happen everyday as technical communicators!

Thanks for this great blog post! I was impressed with your test plan. I thought it was clear and simple to execute! Congratulations on the big graduation!

It is good to see that the technology is causing other people the same problems that I am having. I share the same type of schedule that you do and have to force myself to shut down for a bit each night and weekends to save myself. When you estabilsh these rules, it will only help you. Good luck and great post.