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In the Zone

I really like the idea of defining my own balance. Zelenka suggests that you decide for yourself because you might have too many outside activities one week and less another week. This will determine how much you work and when you work. I was able to practice this during the course by planning when I completed assignments around my job and personal life. If I knew something was due on a certain day, I would find time to get it done before then. It wasn’t always the same time or day of the week, it just depended on when I had more time. I was able to accomplish more outside of school and still complete the course with out meeting the physical demands of being on campus at a specific time. However, I wasn’t able to use the web for better personal relationships. I needed to have a time set aside for school work without being distracted by other potential uses of the web. As in Connect! I did engage in blogging as I’m doing right now. I was what Zelenka considers socially productive. I was able to focus on more than one thing at a time and switch back and forth depending on the given circumstances while creating our wiki on the Republican National Convention. I find that getting out of the house (Zelenka, 2008) is not what works best for me. I need to complete my work in a place where I am comfortable, for me that’s at home. I think that by going to a café I would be more distracted because not everyone is considerate of the fact that you are working and need to get stuff done. At home, everyone is aware and leaves me alone until I’m finished.


Like you, I also had to find ways to not be distracted by other uses of the web. But I find it interesting that you were able to do this best while at home. Although I did do a lot of work for this class while I home, I definitely found that I worked best while at a school library. It's interesting to see how different peoples work habits/preferences when it comes to web work.

It is great to see that you have established yourself and have a set of rules. I have found that planning is the only way that I can stay on top of things and have time for everything. With technology being around every corner, you must be focused and on task to complete your work.