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I've got nothing to do today but smile.

The Internet is an overwhelming force. You can get a great amount of work done with the aid of technology, but if you are not careful, work becomes a constant obsession in life since you are always connected. Chapter ten states, “Great satisfaction and success sometimes requires imbalance and excess.” This is a strange concept to me, since I consider moderation to be a good thing. Although I do understand it is not enough to simply exist; a person needs to experience crazy days where nothing goes well only to be surprised by something nice and suddenly the world is bright again. My favorite aspect of technology is encountering a new program and than clicking around a bit until I figure it out.

Creating our Wiki pages has been quite an experience. My own process involved scheduling phone conversations, simultaneous instant and text messaging, and tons and tons of e-mail exchange. Politics was never my cup of tea, and I was extremely worried about what to write, but little by little everything came together. Any stress that came my way was broken up by blogging/ranting. Complete madness was stalled off by candy, comfy pajamas, and YouTube videos. I am sure everyone has encountered similar situations where you need to take a break and than everything is steady again.

I still do not see myself using these social networking websites on a daily basis since I remain a loner and it is not appealing to be on the edge of my seat incessantly checking status updates. Even though I do not immerse myself completely in the social networking world, I know how to use the technology and understand why some people would find it appealing and useful. Our class was extremely fast paced with a new technology to figure out almost every week, but I had fun along the way. Thank you everyone for such a cool experience.



One of the things I learned during this class is that every technology is not applicable to every situation. I learned that I cannot tweet from work without getting glares from my boss, but that Facebook helps me keep in touch with more friends with the small snippets of time that I do have to spend online. I also learned that the tools are there and even if you don't use them now, it is handy to know what they are and how to use them in case a situation comes up where you need a tool to help make the communication process better.