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Stay on everyone's good side, don't make anyone Mad.

Loved the emphasis on personal relationships! (Zelenka 268) It is very scary when someone close to me is addicted to technology, and I write from experience. I’m glad that social relationships as a whole is strongly emphasized in the reading. I just had to write that to show my appreciation for the topic being in the book.
I understand now why it was recommended to read other people’s postings, before posting my own. It’s all about the flow and the mindfulness. (Zelenka 272) I’m know I have yet to practice my mindfulness, but I understand the flow concept now. Thus, I read a few blogs before posting this. It really did help me get in to the groove of writing. Zelenka defines flow as “a psychological sense of effortless engagement with whatever task you’re working on.” (Zelenka 272) Right now I am not feeling stressed at all about typing the post. I’m not even that worried about the word count. I also realized that the main idea is replying to a post is to create a social gateway. If I write down something that opposes the blog author, I am actually closing the door on a conversation that never started.
This course has taught me a lot about connecting in life in via technology. It isn’t just about connecting with people you know, it’s about getting to know people who are faceless to you… that is unless they have Facebook. But anyways, I realize that to get a message out into the world, you can just bring it out. If venting is what I need to do, then do it. But do it where I won’t turn into a monster or a party pooper. The Internet allows me to mess up and vent. But of course, there is no substitute for real people, and real responses. I just want us all to remember that we shouldn’t blend our lives into work all the way. I think the concept of “work-life blend” is cool, but doesn’t that kind of defeat the old way of keeping personal and business life separate? Well, then again some of you may object to what I am suggesting. It’s a new year, new generation, time to do things a new way. I can see where that’s coming from also, but then again it’s up to us to decide how we want it.
From this course, I use what I have learned to aid me in the future. This upcoming year I plan to help in making a website for the CBS Ambassadors. Maybe I can incorporate the web-working connecting ideas into creating the website with a team this summer, without having to come interact in person. I already know the people who I’m going to work with, so I think it’s going to be much easier to collaborate. Thanks for everything everyone!


I gravitate towards the methodology of keeping work and life separate, but you have made a good point about creating a more open environment that allows people to rant. It is not mainly about being "professional" anymore in the work place, but understanding expressing feelings and personality can actually make a work experience better. This was the first I have ever worked on an Internet Collaboration and you made the experience very nice. Best of luck with the CBS Ambassador Website!