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Steak and Strawberry Smoothies

I like steak. I like strawberries. I do not like steak and strawberry smoothies.

I like my home life. I like studying and schoolwork. This semester has taught me that I do not like working at home.

Zelenka's concept of the "work-life blend" only applies to people who enjoy working at home in the first place (Zelenka 258). This was my first online class, and I've discovered that web working is not an ideal situation for me. There are just too many temptations. This semester I also had an internship at US Bank. Since the office was 30 miles from my house, I was scheduled only on Monday and Friday... which meant that I had a substantial amount of work to do at home. The difference was that, if I wanted to, I could drive to the office during the middle of the week. What I discovered is that, if given the opportunity, I will almost always go somewhere besides my house to work.

Web working certainly has its advantages, as Zelenka and this class have illustrated, but it has some serious disadvantages, too. For example, I found myself getting very frustrated with the collaborative aspect of this class because it seemed easier to get mad at someone that I had never met. Also, instead of just asking someone what they meant by a comment (for example), I had to go through the extra "chore" of writing an email, waiting for their response, and possibly replying again. I wish we could've had at least one face-to-face meeting during the semester so that I could have seen my peers as people, not just students.

Will I ever be a web worker? Probably not. I have, however, benefitted from many of the tools that we learned about in this class. Becoming familiar with Twitter has allowed me to contribute to many discussions at work about its possible implications. Overall, I think that collaboration isn't well suited to the web, but individual studying/research/social networking is.


I'm really glad you brought up more of the disadvantages. In the reading, it felt like there was more praise for web-working than faults. I definitely agree with you about the online collaboration tensions. It was really crazy, being able to feel anger and frustration towards group members I've never met before. I did feel helpless, thinking that if only the group could meet face to face, we'd get somewhere. But what got me through this feeling was that our class is based on web working and collaboration with someone we've never seen before. I think if we had scheduled real life meetings, at least once or twice, just to get to know the individuality of the people. You are not alone.

Everyone is different and this class taught us a lot about ourselves. You found that working at home isn't for you, I on the other hand prefer it. I think that online collaboration is useful if given the right project.

I really liked how you used steak and strawberries to explain that you don’t like web-working. I agree with your statement that it is easier to get mad at someone if you don’t know them. Over the course of the semester I got frustrated a few times. I feel like things would have been easier too if there was a face to face meeting.