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Story Time!!!

Well guys, this is it! I have been spending all day working on my wiki page and other various school projects. I am almost done with this stuff FOREVER!!!!!!!!! I don't even believe it....it's crazy talk.

So what will I take away from this class? I think the big one for me is the fact that our world is now changing. It is based on technology and information. This can be good, it can be bad, and it can be very frustrating and confusing. However, there are so many good technologies and ways to stay connected to people. This class has taught me that it is possible to get things done without necessarily meeting face to face. Our wiki site is living proof of this! I am so proud of what we have put together.

When starting the wiki I just wanted to stay afloat. I was confused about a lot of the technologies we used in class because I had never used them before. I didn't even know what it meant to tweet on Twitter! Look at me now!!!! I feel very fancy :) haha, but even more important I feel comfortable. I feel at ease using a wide variety of online technologies. I know how to take one thing from one site and put it into another site and use it. This is amazing.

As far as balancing life and work, this class has helped to teach me a lot. We need to use technology, but we don't necessarily need to let the work of technology take over our lives. More generally, we don't need to let work take over our lives. I always have a hard time keeping the balance and my life. When I am focused on the right things I feel like I can accomplish anything. I begin to take on more than I can and then it gets to be too much. I re-focus and then the cycle kind of repeats itself. What I am working on right now is keeping work at work and keeping life simple. If I can do this I don't try as hard to do everything, which is good, because I can't do everything and to try to is just wrong and too much! I need to accomplish things, but I should enjoy what I accomplish otherwise it isn't worth a whole lot.

I am really just happy with everything that we have learned and done. I know that it will help me to keep an open mind about technology and the internet as well as keeping the balance within my life. I hope everyone does well in their finals, with the rest of their school careers, and with life in general. Have fun and enjoy every day!!!!!! PEACE OUT PEOPLE!!!!!!!


Love your blog. But I don't think you will be done with this forever yet, remember technology is pushing forward fast, and we are loving it. Thus even though this class will end, we will probably continue to use web applications and hey maybe make a wiki with friends? I was totally confused like you also when we started, trying to stay above the water. I was already struggling with that in my beginning swimming course! Peace!

I agree with you, I learned a lot about different technologies that are out there to keep connected and get accomplish many cool things. I thought that I knew a lot about the web before this class, boy was I wrong. Good thing is, I do now! It is very interesting that many sites are setup to be compatible with other to make a finished piece of work.