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Web Work

I like how Zelenka replaced the concept of work life balance with work life blend. This makes sense because the balance means that your work life and personal life are separate and the “blend” idealizes both happening at the same time or allowing to weave together both aspects throughout the course of the day which can be an aspect of web work. I think this did happen for me this semester. This is the third online class I have taken in my time at the University and I have enjoyed them all not only because of the content but because of the ability to work on my own schedule as opposed to during set class times. I'm much more of a night than a morning person so I much prefer getting course work done late at night as opposed to getting up for an 8:00 class. Another important aspect of how web work creates a blend that I've noticed is that I can put off things easier (whether that be good or bad). For instance in this class we basically had weekly dead lines and as long as the work was done before the deadline it was fine. So if something came up that I would rather do than coursework I could do that and do coursework later as long as it was before Sunday night or whatever the deadline was. In other classes you have to sacrifice more things that you would rather do in order to have things done on a every other day when class is held deadline.

I agree with Kaitlin's post that online work can also be very distracting. I frequently found myself surfing the net randomly for a half hour at a time or more when trying to get work done or write my wiki page and other people/things in my apartment when I'm trying to work were also very distracting. I was able to work around this though by forcing myself to go to the library in between my classes on Tuesday and get a majority of the work done for both my online classes this semester in that time period. This made my online work much more efficient if I did it outside of my home.

Overall, I guess online work has its ups and downs like anything else. I could see myself working at a job thats maybe a partial online environment but not entirely. I think seeing and meeting with the people you are working with at least half the time is important and I don't think being isolated behind your computer for hours and days on end is very productive or healthy. Human contact is just as important in the workplace as outside of the work place in my opinion.


I agree with how easily you can get distracted online when you are trying to do an online assignment. In a sense, it is like you are experience a work/life blend just when you are on the internet. If you are anything like me, you will have tons of other things up on your computer and browser at the same time that are not at all related to you working on your assignment. That is one major downfall of webworking, you have to do it amidst all the possible distractions you could have online.

I definitely agree with your last comment about sitting at a computer alone for hours. I, unfortunately, am doomed to be doing something like that in my future career path. When I work at a computer now (about 30 hours a week) I can't wait to get out, stand up, and go socialize with people. Social skills are definitely important and no one develops them just sitting at a computer all the time!

Good point about the procrastination thing. I had trouble this semester because I was never sure what the deadlines were. In regular classes, things get turned in during class, so everyone knows when they're due. Because of occasional technology glitches, I could never tell whether something was due on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday and I wasn't sure whether to check the syllabus or the weekly module (which often didn't specify). I also agree wholly with your last statement: "Human contact is just as important in the workplace as outside of the workplace," because it allows us to view each other as people, not just students.

I'm not a morning person either, so this class was more appealing to me than getting up early. I was able to get work done on my own time. I agree that human contact is still needed in the work place, so the web can be a tool used as a supplement. You still have the same responsibilities as you would physically at the site, it's more of a mind challenge to overcome distractions.