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Work/Life Mix what is that?

In the fast paced world we live in and what have you done lateley we always need to be connected. Weather it is school, work, family or friends we have been conditioned to expect answers or responses as soon as we get the communication. With that being said, we are lucky in the way that there are a number of different outlets or communication mediums that can be used to keep things fresh. This course has taught me that technology and communication is constantly evolving and getting more exciting everyday. As a society, it is our responsibility to find a balance that works for everyone and is not intruding on personal time to make everyone happy.

This course has really world applications and is not just teaching us fun and new ways to communicate. As an example, I was able to do a training video for new reps that I have to sell a highly technical product 3 months faster than previously expected. Applying this knowledge has really helped my company save money and alse work at a rate that is faster.


It may be because I'm an older returning student but I also found this class to be really exciting. I loved that we met in chats and interacted with each other strictly online. I'm proud of our collaboration and I feel positive about this experience.