January 26, 2009

Survey Says

Digital Identity

I removed Facebook from the syllabus this time around. However, I've been reconsidering this since several of you mentioned it in your posts this week. Do you think you would benefit from incorporating and discussing Facebook and professional identity this semester?


January 19, 2009

and away we go

As I mentioned in the email, you’ll need to change the way your name appears on the blog. Right now, it shows your full first and last names. You should modify this to show your first name and last initial. This will shield the writing you do here from Google searches for your full name.

To change the information, you’ll begin by logging on to Uthink at Click on the "Login to UThink" link at the top of the sidebar.

UThink Login
(You can click on any of these images to see a larger version.)

Once you’ve logged on, you’ll see the main MoveableType menu. Your screen won't have all of the same blogs that mine does, of course.

Changing names in MT 1

Click on the welcome link with your x500 ID at the upper right corner.

Changing names in MT 2

That’ll take you to the Author Profile screen, which is pretty self-explanatory. (I’m not screencapping it here because I don’t want to release all my ID info to the world.) Update your info, click “save changes”, and you should be good to go.