February 18, 2009

history of the Internet

Interesting, and also an example of the kind of peripherally useful things you can post here for extra credit.

February 3, 2009

Back to Twitter for a second...

So, it seemed like the theme in our blog posts about Twitter was all about how we could see how it was an effective tool, but it wouldn't be personally useful. In my interactive advertising class today we talked a little about Twitter and how companies have been using it to enhance their customer service. If you search for "comcastcares" in Twitter, you'll find the site run by Frank Elisson. ( He is the director of digital care for Comcast, and his full time job is pretty much to respond to people's comments/questions/complains on Twitter! Imagine making your entire living just off Twitter? So I thought this was an interesting way to actually see how the site was effective for big companies since it was hard for us to see how we could personally use it effectively. If you search for Comcast on google, this Twitter account is actually number 5-6 on the list of sites that return to you. They created the account in response to Facebook groups that bashed Comcast's support and company in general.