February 14, 2009

Topic of Interest - RNC vs. DNC

I am sitting here recovering from a dislocated rib and finishing up this week's assignment - sorry I procrastinated until so late in the week to contribute.

I wanted to attend the chat to suggest an idea for a content section, but was unable to attend (or sit up comfortably for that matter). Instead, I will post here and see if I get any feedback. I ran across a number of articles during my search that compared the way protests occurred and were handled at the RNC in St. Paul vs. the DNC in Denver. I think including these comparisons might highlight some of the security and protest preparations that were particularly useful and others that were not. I think it also might emphasize the role that technology played in the organization and planning of both events. My hope is that by putting this information together in one place and looking from a wider angle, important people with high paying jobs will come together to make a list of "best practices" in the future. However, I believe also that this topic might constitute "scope creep" widening the scope of the site to politics in general instead of just the RNC - which is already large enough a topic with a wealth of available information. Thoughts?

Another piece of food for thought I picked up on earlier this week is the involvement of new technology in politics in general. I believe it was a radio program broadcast that mentioned how politicians like Obama and RT Rybak are using new technologies like Twitter and Facebook to gain support of technology savvy younger voters. I guess I had just always assumed politicians were using the internet to get votes and I was surprised that it was such a huge news story that people in office were using Web 2.0 applications to stay in touch with the voters. I guess the best response I have to that is - it's about time. I think politicians should have to keep in touch with the people they work for (us - or at least that's the way I think it should be) just like we need to keep in touch with our managers and coworkers, and what better way to reach a large and dispersed audience than the internet!?!

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated!