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some Web 2.0 resources

What Is Web 2.0? by Tim O’Reilly
Social Bookmarking Tools: A General Review
Wikipedia entry on “Folksonomy”
Wikipedia entries on tags and tag clouds
Wikipedia entry on social software
The Long Tail (Wired Magazine)

Oft-cited applications:
CiteULike (particularly useful for folks like us)

Many folks have written about the fabulosity of Web 2.0, but there are quite a few who view it as a vacuous trend and are waiting for it to go away.

Some Disgruntlement from the Blogosphere (Rated PG-13):
The Web 2.0 BS Generator gives you all the relevant buzzwords you’ll ever need.
Why Warren Ellis hates Web 2.0 (not the original text, unfortunately, but an excerpt on InfoCult.)