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Though this may seem out of order when placed next to the comments regarding this week's reading and topical tidbits, I do have to make up for a post from the week prior. Like Keith, this is my first blog experience (outside of the ultra-banal superhighway toilet known as MySpace), so please forgive me if this entry ends up in the wrong place, attached to someone else's post, or even printed on my forehead when I get to class. You never know.

Very briefly (since I can only retain so much information and this recent bug has thoroughly kicked my behind), I would just like to mention something that has already been brought up in class and in the context of these posts to some extent: access. The initial, seemingly quixotic utopianism of the Licklider and Taylor seems to miss the aspect of access in a way that seems suspect, even for two gents working at Bell Labs, which, in 1968, might as well have been up in the clouds rather than in dialogue with academic topics of power. Nevertheless, questions of access are so very key that they still seem suspect in their absence from national academic or popular dialogues regarding the internet. Is authorship devalued when mass-produced? Who has authorship? Is authorship over, say, blogspace like this, granted in a way that makes the middle class the new high watermark for "authority"? Hopefully, questions such as these will get additional consideration throughout the semester, particularly when it comes to community. My interest in community is not only the interactions thereof, but also the societal pieces missing therefrom, and what that says about the supposedly "interwoven" nature of internet communication in this country and in others.